Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cutie Hooty.....2nd freebie of the day!!

LOL.....I guess I'm having too much fun!!

DSO posted their June Color challenge and after looking at & LOVING the palette, I had to jump right in and design this little kit!

Now, I am not one for "trendy" animals but owls seem to have become somewhat of 'the rage" and after starting some papers, the kit screamed that it needed an owl!
Thanks to Inkin Creations for this cute CU template!!

This kit just sorta created itself and I am happy with the final result!

I also made a LO of my daughter....and yes, the QP (from the layout) is also yours FREE!!!

So, without further adieu, I introduce Cutie Hooty!!

6 papers, 2 ribbons (one is pearl embellished), 1 chipboard tree, 1 felt tree with blanket stitches as a seperate png, one circle border, 2 flowers, 5 gemstone brads, one gemstone page border, 1 owl, 1 glitter spray, 1 bead spray and 1 laced journal mat

In no way are any of my freebies to be forwarded through any internet groups, separately or as a whole.
They are not to be uploaded to any hosting site.
Please no direct linking to 4Shared.
Send your friends and groups to my blog instead.

Please take a second and leave some love....more love = more freebies!!


CU Ribbon Sampler


Yes, I know....everyone has ribbons....everyone, that is, except me!
I had a techie day a new scanner and bought a new graphics tablet.

I have spent the day showing my son how to doodle right on the computer.....he may even create a few doodles for you later in the week!

Tonight, I invaded my ribbon stash to test out the scanner. It works wonderfully and I had fun extracting these ribbons for you!

Four ribbons....both color and greyscale versions included.

CU okay....please read my TOU!!

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You can now find these HERE

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music & Swirls...paper cut outs freebie

Working, still, with one of my favorite paper styles, I have created some aged paper cut outs of musical instruments and swirls.

These cutouts are 300ppi, almost 8 inches a piece!!

Six in all including two music scores, 2 guitars, a trumpet & a saxophone.


(click on previews for larger view)

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You can now find these HERE

Friday, May 29, 2009

Craft Paper Butterflies...with a touch of glitter!

I love all things glitter and my daughter loves all things, in honor of her, I created these cute little butterflies painted on craft paper and outlined in (what else?) glitter!

There are 34 (yes, THIRTY-FOUR) shaded butterflies seperated into two zip files, so be sure to grab them both!
****BUT FIRST......I'd love to show off some recent layouts! (yes, I scrap too!)****

Here are a few I did this week for random challenges at DSO, DSA and from my kits:

COOL TATTOO using Cool Cats by Wimpychompers for DSA SYTYCD contest!

MEMORIAL DAY made with Amy Stoffel's Let Freedom Ring kit for DSA SYTYCD contest.

...JUST...BRI made using my After Dinner Glitz QP freebie

BRI'S PROM DRESS made from various kits for DSO May's Scraplift Challenge

KISSES FROM MY CHILDREN made using Andrea Dickinson's Love Letters Kit for the DSO May Quote Challenge


Here are your links are below.

(click on previews for larger view)

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You can now find these HERE

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Light, Green Light QP


I had a long day and am tired so I couldn't get much designed.

My surgery was fine...the 5th in a series since Dec '08 to fix my jaw which has been closed for 9 yrs due to heavy scarring from having a wisdom tooth pulled.

I did manage a QP for my Red Light, Green Light kit.

If you haven't downloaded the kit or the add-on, feel free to go back thru the blog archive.

Click on preview for larger view.

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You can now find these HERE

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Red Light, Green Light Add-on Freebie

Today was a busy day for me. I am having jaw surgery tomorrow so I have spent most of the day preparing the house for the kids and making sure meals are set for tomorrow.

Later in the evening, my husband's job had a 5K walk for easter Seals. His region raised over 85 thousand dollars tonight! Whoo Hooo!!

I decided to create an add on kit to Red Light, Green Light. If you haven't grabbed the kit, go back one post to download it.

This little add on has 2 more papers, some tags, stickers and funky arrows.

Remember to leave some's the inspiration to keep designing!!

Click on the preview for a larger view!

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You can now find these HERE

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

After Dinner Glitz Quick Pages Freebie


Well, to wrap up the After Dinner Glitz series, I decided to make a few Quick Pages for you!
Included are THREE 12x12 inch, 300ppi png files....each one just a little bit different to scrap some photos with this kit.

If you have not picked up the kit, it's add-on and alpha, they are all here FREE on my blog...just go back thru the past few days in the archives! is the final part to the series:

Click on the preview for a larger view!

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You can now find these HERE

Another Surprise Freebie!! are getting majorly treated this week!
Thanks to all who commented both here on my blog and on the 4shared site! Although the downloads outweigh the thank yous by a long shot, I am still grateful for the little bit of appreciation!

DSA has a monthly themed challenge. You need to create a kit with the month's theme and send them the link and it may be featured in the next month's newsletter. Well, here's to crossing my fingers!!

This month's theme was childhood games. One of my favorites was Red Light Green Light. Basically, one person would stand at one end of the blacktop and be the "stoplight" the rest of the kids would stand at the other end. When the stoplight yelled Green Light, you ran. When they yelled Red Light, you stopped. First person to reach the stoplight won.

In honor of my favorite childhood game, I bring you:

Red Light, Green Light

8 papers
5 buttons
4 glittered page borders
stop sign sticker
stoplight sticker
2 ribbons
2 frameS
one shoelace
one star brad
one license plate
one chain link fence piece

Click on preview for larger view!

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You can now find these HERE

Monday, May 25, 2009

After Dinner Glitz Alpha Freebie


In keeping up with the After Dinner Glitz kit, I have created a glitter alpha for you.

All individual PNG files...uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters in a funky script.

If you missed the After Dinner Glitz kit and Add-on, go back thru the past couple posts to grab them, absolutely FREE!!

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You can now find these HERE

Surprise Freebie!!


From blog surfing today, I found the DSO forum where they are having a monthly color challenge!
I love color challenges!! You can either make a LO or mini kit with the color swatch provided then post for all to see.

Well, I decided to do below is my kit preview and the LO I made from it.

You can find the download links to the kit's FREE!!

DSO May Color Challenge Kit: This-n-That

Click on the preview & LO for larger views!!

Here is a LO of my daughter:

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You can now find these HERE

Sunday, May 24, 2009

After Dinner Glitz Add-on Freebie


Today I was playing around with some styles and decided to make a few frames to add on to my After Dinner Glitz Kit.

If you haven't grabbed the kit, go back to yesterday's's FREE!!

This pack contains 5 frames and 7 mix & match ribbons.


Click on the preview for larger view!

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You can now find these HERE

Saturday, May 23, 2009

After Dinner Glitz Freebie Kit

As promised, I designed this cute little kit tonight. I would LOVE to see what you do with it, so email me the links to your layouts!!

After Dinner Glitz is a kit full of glitter! A little bit of the essentials mixed with a delicious palette of cranberry & celery.

There are two download for papers and one for the elements.

Click on the preview for larger view.

Here is a layout I made using the kit:

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You can now find these HERE

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm back!!


Well, I am back from a little hiatus. I lost a bit of passion after The Scrapping Garden closed and have been out of the scrapping loop for a bit....but this past week I have been venturing out on different forums trying to find a little kick of inspiration.

First, I visited DSA (Digital Scrap Addicts). This site is sooo much fun and they are having a major Designer challenge. You can watch as 60 designers compete for a designer slot...each week, 20 being eliminated...and all their challenge kits are free to download for registered users. There are some awesome kits in the mix so head on over and take a peek!

Here are a few LOs from some of the kits produced so far!

Helter Skelter kit by Flergs:

I'm Happy kit by Claudi:

Life Captured kit by JulieMarie:

I have also jumped in with both feet and applied to a CT call for Kris Myers and Kari Q.

Kris Myers kit is called Just Playing. It is a wonderful selection of paint swirls, frames and some great word art.

Here are my two audition LOs:

KariQ's kit is called Laughter. This kit has the cutest birds, glitter and some really nice papers.

Here are my two audition LOs for KariQ:

That's all for now. I hope to start designing a bit more....bringing you some freebies each week.

Stay tuned!