Thursday, January 10, 2008

Glittery Winter I'm early!! No biggie, right!!
We moved to our new house in August and one lovable feature is the back yard. It is 1/4 acre and is split level so it slopes at one point. Great for draining the kids' pool in the summer....even better for sledding in the winter!

This layout was made using this week's free mini kit...Glittery Winter!

Click on the kit to download....(sorry, link has expired)

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  1. Pamela, I just uploaded a freebie kit to my blog and was looking down through my posts. I have a layout made with one of your kits on there and got to wondering what had happened to you, so I googled you and here I am! I'll add you to my favorites and try to remember to pop in and see you from time to time! I'm sorry you left TSG, but at least I know where to find you now :)